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Here’s Why We Should Sell In June, Before the Swoon

Withholding tax revenues exploded higher in April. Everybody knows the jobs number will be huge. The withholding data says not huge enough. But I’m not here to game that because the BLS makes up the number in the first release then revises it 7 times over 5 years to fit the tax data and unemployment claims data. The BLS survey first release is essentially statistical horseshit.

The April tax windfall is bigger than it looks because the base period was during the US economy’s shutdown last year. However, the total appears to compare favorably with April 2019, until we consider wage inflation. Then the rebound is just back to the April 2019 level.

But momentum is hot, hot, hot. The economic news will be hot, hot, hot. Bond traders will have an excuse to sell. Stock traders will have an excuse to buy. But excuses don’t matter. Money talks. And we follow the money. We know where it is, and where it’s headed. Click here for a 90 day risk free trial to Liquidity Trader Money Trends reports. 

Despite the hot momentum of tax collections, spending is hotter, and the deficit is massive. Back of the envelope calculations continue to suggest that the US Treasury will run out of cash in XXXXX (subscribers only). It will then need to radically increase supply. The xxxxx (subscribers only) quarter will then be crunch time for the markets. Click here for a 90 day risk free trial to Liquidity Trader Money Trends reports. 

Meanwhile the US Treasury has pumped nearly a half trillion dollars into the accounts of holders of expiring T-bills. Those holders include dealers and big institutions. They deploy that cash to buy longer term Treasuries and, in some cases, stocks. That’s short term bullish for both bonds and stocks. More paydowns are scheduled for the next couple of weeks. Bullish for both asset classes.

The new TBAC supply estimate suggests that the paydowns will end this month. The Treasury will be set to increase issuance in the xxxxx quarter (subscribers only if we extrapolate current flows. Does this mean it will be time to sell in June and prepare for the swoon? Or do we have more time for holdin’ and hopin’? This report has the answers.

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