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Category: Fed Balance Sheet Analysis and Outlook

Markets Awash in Cash – Where, How, and How Long, Revealed

The markets are awash in cash. It shows up on the Fed’s balance sheet. It shows up in the Treasury account, and in Primary Dealer Accounts. It shows up in Reverse Repos.

That cash is coming from the US Treasury’s campaign of paying down T-bills. Those paydowns have totaled $430 billion since February 23. It’s an abomination of market manipulation. But it has worked to stabilize the bond market, levitate stock prices some more, and some more, and some more, and to stave off yet another Primary Dealer collapse.

We can follow these flows via the Fed’s weekly balance sheet statements, and the charts and indicators we derive from it.

The Treasury still has $1 trillion in its account that it must spend down. Annual taxes are still coming in, replenishing that account. The Treasury will almost certainly continue to pay down T-bills until there’s no cash left. I will do a revised estimate of when that will be from the April end of month Daily Treasury Statement. Prior to that, I give my best current swag in this report.

Until then, the cash will continue to flow. This report shows you exactly how this impacts stocks and bonds, so that you know how to play it, and when to GTFO.

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