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Charts Show Market Set Up For Santa Claus Rally and Rockin’ New Year

Oh boy, bears are not going to like this setup. It’s bad. Really bad.

The 10-12 month cycle continues to trend upward against its supposed cyclical down phase. What happens when the next up phase starts?

Short Term Chart Picks – Trailing and fixed stops took out 2 shorts and one long last week. That left 7 open picks on Friday. I’m closing out one of them as of Monday’s opening price.

Including both the closed and open picks, the theoretical average gain (100% cash, no margin, no options) was +4.3% with an average holding period of 11 calendar days. This week I have 6 new picks, 5 of which are buys. Only one is a short. This will leave the list at an extremely lopsided 11 longs and one short.


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