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Bear With Me, Here’s Why I Gotta Stay Long

If you are a cranky grizzly like me, you want to be short. Well, trust me, any time someone says , “Trust me,” I don’t trust them. But regardless, I am not shorting. Not even close. The market is going higher. It may even be going a lot higher for a lot longer. That’s what cycle projections and long term indicators are showing at the moment.  That said, my trading horizon is no more than several weeks, and for that we have 13 chart picks that look well positioned for nice moves.

So come along, peek inside, and I’ll show you why, and how we might capitalize prudently.

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These reports are not investment advice. They are for informational purposes, for a broad audience of investment and trading professionals, and other experienced investors and traders. Chart pick performance changes week to week and past performance may not indicate future results, as you know. Trading involves risk, and these reports assume that you understand those risks and manage them according to your tolerance. 

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