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Primary Dealers Go Full Reverse Thrusters

We have finally seen the effects of the bond market crisis in dealer inventories, and it isn’t pretty.

Dealer inventories have plunged by $166.6 billion since February 24. This is not simply repricing of the inventory. This is active, aggressive liquidation. We have reason to believe that it is forced liquidation. We know that because we know the degree to which this inventory was bought and carried with insane levels of leverage.

One chart in the report shows the scale of the drop, and relates it to the direction of Treasury securities prices.

Another shows total dealer Treasury collateral repo versus the yield on the 10 year note on an inverted scale. That shows the direction of Treasury prices relative to their total repo borrowings against their Treasury holdings.

Another chart shows all Primary Dealer net borrowings, which is the net of their repo and other financing from their reverse repo and margin lending operations. That’s plotted versus their total Treasury holdings. This chart is interesting because it shows the total amount of leverage employed against the only the safest collateral held.

Then there’s the mother of all charts. The chart shows a four year history of the direction of Treasury prices, overlaid with total dealer fixed income positions, and net dealer borrowings used to finance those positions. At the bottom is the ratio of the net debt financing to the total fixed income portfolio value.

The correlation between all 4 series is clear. The past is prologue. The implications are horrifying.

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