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Gold Trader Vacation Week

I’m taking a short vacation for the short holiday week, as I travel north from Croatia. The gold report will not be published today, but will return early Monday. I will post a short update on real time Federal tax collections and the deficit, in a few hours.

I hope that you enjoyed the holiday weekend, and are perhaps taking an extended few days to vacation, relax, and enjoy life also. We all need that time after what we’ve been through for the past 17 months.

I certainly feel joy at being able to return to exploring the Old World. Upon saying farewell to 1000 year old Zadar, Croatia, where I resided for the past 8 months, I spent a few days in the amazing city of Ljubljana, Slovenia. It’s one of the most fun and beautiful cities I have seen in Europe.


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Now, I’m in Bratislava, Slovakia, which I have not had a chance to explore yet, but I hear that it too is beautiful. Crossing the Danube by bus last night, I was confronted with a modern city, dotted with tall skyscrapers and construction cranes. It could have been any mid sized American city. Which was odd. I’m looking forward to exploring the Old Town and other historic sites over the next 3 days.

Unfortunately, strolling around the city may not be too enjoyable, with temperatures rising from 92 today to 99 on Thursday. No problem. The humidity will “only” be 41%.

On Friday, I head to Krakow, Poland, and will also visit Auschwitz. I suspect that I have second or third cousins who perished there, and one who may have survived as an infant. From Krakow, I’ll head to Warsaw for a month, where I’ll be doing some digging into my ancestral history. I’ll visit the towns where my maternal grandmother and grandfather grew up before they left for the US, and try to find any archival links to extended family who remained in Poland.

Al that said, I’m definitely looking forward to resuming our regular publication schedule next week! See you then!

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