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QE Vs. Treasury Supply Will Never Be More Bullish than Right Now

I finished my two dose vaccination regimen on June 14, and travel restrictions have lifted here in Europe since July 1. It’s been an interesting few weeks as I’ve made my way from my recent base in Zadar, Croatia, up through wonderful Ljubljana Slovenia, Bratislava Slovakia, and currently, the amazing city of Krakow Poland. I’ll be heading to Warsaw on Thursday, where I plan to hang out for at least a couple of months this summer as I do genealogical roots and look for evidence of family left behind here after my grandparents left in 1900.

As I return from vacation mode and a light publication schedule, I had a big day planned for tomorrow. I’ll be visiting Auschwitz all day. Therefore, I wanted to get at least a short overview of the current QE situation out to you tonight. This report covers the most important basics and outlook.

We already know that the bond market has rallied as a result of the massive Treasury paydowns. That’s all about to end, and I think that the Treasury rally may be in the process of reversing.

All good things come to an end. Here’s what to expect in the weeks ahead as a result of the things we already know, and a few that we can deduce as a result.

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