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Chart Picks – 4 New Picks From Friday’s Swing Trade Screen

This Friday’s screens had 27 buy signals and 3 sell signals. This indicates no thrust for the market as a whole. But it shows even less drag. Given that over 1200 stocks met the initial screening criteria, most stocks are either trending or drifting in a range.

I did like a number of the setups, and will add 4 picks to the list on the long side as of Monday’s open. These are xxxx, xxxx, xxxx, and xxxx. Charts below (shown in subscriber report).

Previous open picks ended the week with an average gain of 2.3% on an average holding period of 19 calendar days. Two picks were stopped out last week. One will be closed as of the opening price on Monday. That leaves 4 open picks. Three are longs. One is a short.

Get the newest picks and review their charts and those of existing picks in today’s report. Technical Trader subscribers click here to download the complete report. 

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