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Here’s What Happens When Gold’s Cycles Are at Cross Purposes

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It’s decision time for this rally as gold rests in the downtrend area around 1810. The 6-7 week cycle projection is xxxx (subscriber version only), but they would need to push through resistance around xxxx (subscriber version). Cycles remain at cross purposes, which is conducive to xxxxxxxxxxxxx (subscriber version) .

HUI needs to clear xxx (subscriber version)  to complete an intermediate term bottom. If successful, the measuring implication would be around xxx.

Today’s screen yielded only 1 short term buy signal. Yesterday’s downtick began triggering sells with 6 of the 52 stocks in the screen flipping sell side switches. The intermediate trend structures still hold the prospect of a near term upturn. So I’ll stick with the 5 charts on the list (subscriber version), but won’t add any new ones today.

This report includes the cycle projections for short to long term time frames, and swing trade mining picks. Get ready for the big move now!

Subscribers, click here to download the report.

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