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Gold Sets Up for Eventual Breakout

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The 13-17 week cycle now has a projection of xxxx (subscriber version), suggesting that xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx (subscriber version) . Both the 9-12 month and 15 month cycle indicators are now constructive for a breakout when xxxx xxxx xxxx.

The mining stock index HUI has broken out of an intermediate term base with a measured move target of xxx (subscriber version). Cycle projections don’t point that high yet, but there’s plenty of time in the 6 month cycle up phase for it to happen. Likewise, the 10-12 month cycle seems to have turned up.  

Today, there are 4 buys and 5 sells from the swing trade screens of 52 gold mining stocks. This is a consolidation phase after 26 buy signals and just 3 sell signal three weeks ago. Current open picks have an average gain of 18.5% and an average holding period of 25 calendar days.   I will let these picks ride without stops again this week. None of the new buy signals were compelling, therefore no new picks this week.

See table and charts (subscriber version).

Subscribers, click here to download the report. 

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