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Buys and Sells in Balance in Swing Trade Screens

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This Friday’s screens had 29 buys and 30 sells.  It compares with 68 buys and 22 sells the Friday before. That indicated a new, moderate buy side thrust. It was not the kind of surge that comes off a significant low, but it suggested a second wind for the rally.

Initially it didn’t happen, but Friday’s rebound showed promise so I’m sticking with most of the picks from last week and earlier.

1311 stocks met the initial screening criteria in the current screen. 4.5% of them rendered signals on Friday. That’s a typical percentage of new signals on a given day. But the fact that they were evenly split between buys and sells suggests that the market is going nowhere fast. The theory of this method is that more of  the picks will move in the right direction than not. Otherwise, why bother.

Given the mixed picture, however, I didn’t see much new and interesting in this week’s signal list. I added just one on the long side, and no shorts.  I’ll start tracking the new pick as of Monday’s opening price. I’ll also close out 2 shorts and one buy as of Monday’s opening price. Those charts show increased potential to go the wrong way.

This will bring the list to 13 open picks, of which 12 will be longs, and 1 is a short.

As of Friday, the average gain of older and newly opened picks was 5% with an average holding period of 22 calendar days. That was a drop from an average gain of 8.5% on an average holding period of 25 calendar days the week before.

All of that drop was due to new picks mostly starting out in the hole. There’s nothing unusual about that. Gotta give the newbies room to breathe, with the idea that enough of them will move the right way to give us a positive result overall.

The table and charts of open picks are below (subscriber version only).

Table (subscriber version only)

Charts (subscriber version only)

Technical Trader subscribers click here to download the complete report.

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