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The Rigor Mortis Stock Market Rally

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In the long run, we’re all dead, and so is this bull market, whose end is ideally due this year. But in the short run, it still has room to run. We must give the uptrend the benefit of the doubt until there’s more hard evidence that a turn is under way.

Third Rail Chart- The S&P is trading near the center of a short term uptrend channel. The first support line rises from xxxx to xxxx (subscriber version) this week. A second line is just below that. The S&P would need to break both lines to have a shot at a downside reversal.

Cycles The 10-12 month and 6 month cycle tops are ideally due any time between now and xxxx  xxxxxx xxxx (subscriber version). Cycle projections now point to highs of xxxx to xxxx.

The 13 week cycle is in an up phase ideally due to top out xxxx to xxxx (subscriber version). The cycle projection is xxxx, which is an outlier at this point. The 13 week and 6 month cycle up phases would remain in force as long as the market stays above xxxx.

Short term cycles have projections of xxxx to xxxx (subscriber version), and are due to top out in January.

Cycle Screening data is at an inflection point. The current negative divergence between these indicators and the market averages doesn’t mean much yet. It only will if there’s downside follow through this week. Otherwise, the benefit of the doubt still goes to the bullish case. 

Liquidity is turning bearish, but it will be a gradual process that would allow for extension of the stock market rally consistent with the above projections.

Long Term Weekly SPX would need to end a week conclusively belowxxxx (subscriber version) to signal what could be the start of a bigger top.  

New long term cycle projections point to xxxx to xxxx (subscriber version) ideally due xxxx  this year.   

Monthly Chart – In the clear for a run to xxxx to xxxx (subscriber version) in January. It would need to end the month below xxxx (subscriber version) to break the uptrend.

Technical Trader subscribers click here to download the complete report.

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