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What the Signs of Emerging Gold Would Be

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Gold Cycles remain mixed with still no sign of an imminent breakout from the trading range. Here are the levels to watch.for signs of emergence (in subscriber version).

On the very long term monthly chart, gold remains above a critical trend area around 1790. If it ends January below that, it’s in danger of falling into the xxxx  xxxxx range (in subscriber version).

HUI – HUI remains locked in a range with no sign of an imminent breakout. A 13 week cycle up phase is flat and is ideally due to last xxxx xx xxxxx (in subscriber version). There’s no sign that longer cycles will xxxx xx xxxxx (in subscriber version).  A 10-12 month cycle high is ideally due between xxxx xx xxxxx.  If there’s no upside breakout before that, the rest of the year would set up xxxx xx xxxxx.  On the long term weekly chart HUI has broken its 6 month cycle MA. Here’s what that implies for the outlook (in subscriber version)..

On the ultra long term monthly chart, HUI remains entrenched in a 16 month downtrend. Ultra long term momentum remains precariously neutral. With HUI ending December below xxxx (in subscriber version) the target is xxxxxxxx in the first quarter of 2022. It faces major resistance in the xxxx range. It would need to break that to end the downtrend.

Chart Picks – Short term screens for chart pick purposes did a little better. They’re more sensitive, more oriented toward swing trade timing than the longer cycle screens which have done so poorly. 12 of the 51 charts screened had signals, and 11 were on the buy side. I liked one of them enough to add to the list as shown on the table.

Picks closed out over in November-December had an average gain of 10% on an average holding period of  46 calendar days.

See table and charts (subscriber version).

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The strategy and tactics suggestions in this report are for informational and entertainment purposes, and illustrative of one approach. Nothing in this report is meant as personalized investment advice and you should not construe it as such. No representation is made that it is the best approach, will be profitable, or suitable for you.

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