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Publication Schedule Note

I have unfortunately gotten a few days behind schedule on publication this week. I am currently working on a Primary Dealer update which I’ll post tomorrow, at least in part. I will post the Gold Trader update on Wednesday instead of the usual Tuesday.

This week, I’m in the process of getting ready to end my extended stay in Warsaw, to finally realize my long term plan to move to Nice, France next next Monday. That has involved finding a place to stay temporarily. I intend to settle there after these two years of moving around Europe. So I’m also looking for a place to buy once I get there. All of the preparations for the move have been time consuming.

As an aside, if you ever want to come to the South of France, I know it fairly well, particularly Nice and its immediate environs. I would be happy to chat with you about it, and would love to meet if we have the opportunity. You can reach me by the contact form on the support page.

Meanwhile, I’m also in the process of selling my home in Florida. I’m personally managing that remotely. That’s also setting me back time wise.

The last time I sold a house in Florida, I top-ticked the market for my house type in my neighborhood in mid 2005. Hopefully, I’ll be as lucky this time. Last time I sold, I did so directly without an agent. Today, with Zillow, the commissioned sales agent becomes mostly unnecessary. With online selling so prevalent today, and someone available to let prospective buyers in, it’s well worth it to have buyers contact me via a website.

The downside is that getting the information out, and taking calls has interrupted my workflow, which is frustrating because I want to give you consistent, high quality service. So I do apologize for being a few days later than usual in getting these reports out to you. I’ll do my best to stay as close to the regular schedule as I can during these transition weeks.

And I’ll try to make up for what I can’t do in quantity, by increasing the quality!  😁

As always, thanks for your patience and support!


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