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Why I Don’t Care that Short Term Indicators Are Bullish

Cycles – Cycles are mixed and opposed, expressed as a rangebound market that is likely to xxxx xxxx xxxx (subscriber version).. The timing and direction of a breakout xxxx xxxx

Short term cycles are opposed, with neither dominant. The 13 week cycle is in a weak up phase due to peak at any time this month. The 6 month cycle low is due between now and May. The cycle projection was xxxx xxxx (subscriber version). The 10-12 month cycle has been dormant and it’s not clear when xxxx xxxx xxxx. Indicators for that cycle are borderline, but still in a downtrend.

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Third Rail Chart – The bottom of a short term uptrend channel rises from roughly xxxx to xxxx (subscriber version) in the week ahead. If that line is broken, the larger downtrend would be in charge.

To keep a short term uptrend going, the market would first need to clear a resistance cluster around xxxx xxxx . Then it would need to clear an intermediate downtrend line that would be at xxxx on Friday. Barring that, the downtrend remains in force.

Long Term Weekly– Long term cycle momentum has joined 3-4 year cycle indicators in signaling a likely bear market.

Monthly Chart – The market now looks unlikely to return to the uptrend channel. Trend support is around xxxx in March. Long term momentum is on a preliminary sell signal.

Cycle screening measures – The current pattern is neutral to slightly bullish short term, and xxxx to xxxxxxx xxxxxx on the intermediate and longer term trends. Cycle breadth-momentum weakened throughout the rally last year, and continues to do so.

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