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Fragile and Dangerous Semi Blind Spot

This report shows the imbalance of Fed liquidity driven demand and the coming short term liquidity boost from seasonal Treasury paydowns. However,  I’ve added something to this report that makes clear just how dangerous this market is.

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Banking data shows us the growing fragility of the system. Given that fragility, any seasonal liquidity driven rally in stocks and bonds will be a gift to those who have been holding and hoping. It will be yet another chance to get out. This report lays out the timing of that liquidity surge, and the likely impact on the markets. Non-subscribers, click here for access.  

The rally has already begun in the stock market. It could see a bit of a shake over the next week or so, but with massive Treasury paydowns on the way, I don’t expect the rally to be derailed yet. So I’m willing to give my buy side swing trade picks featured in the Technical Trader more running room here. They’re doing well. I expect that to continue.

Of course, bonds haven’t rallied in the past couple of months. Instead, they’ve crashed yet again. But the conditions will be ripe for a reaction rally in the Treasury market and related fixed income markets starting next month. This report lays out the likely timing and yield parameters of the next move in bonds. If I owned any bonds, here’s what I would do.

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Subscribers, click here to download the report.

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