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Primary Dealers Still Long and Wrong, But A Gift Rally Looms!

After a disastrous couple of months in the bond market, conditions are now set up for x xxxxxx  there. Treasury bill paydowns will be enormous over the next month. No one expects this, because the market has been so horrible, and the Fed is so tight and will soon get even tighter. But the markets will be xxxx xx xxx from these Treasury paydowns. They’ve already started, and they will surge to enormous levels over the next 2-3 weeks.

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So what would I do with this information? The same thing I’ve been doing for the past 20 months. They’re gifts to us on the way to Dante’s Inferno. If I owned bonds, I would xxx xxxx. If I owned stocks, I would xxxx xxxx. And I would keep looking for stocks to xxxx on the xxxxxx.

I know. Cash is trash when inflation is high and interest rates are negative to inflation, but it’s less trashy than assets that are actively losing value. The strategy that I think makes the most sense in such an environment is to trade stocks from the xxxx side. I publish the weekly swing trade chart picks for those who are looking for ideas along those lines.

Meanwhile, the Primary Dealers are STILL positioned wrong. They’ll get this little rally in the short run to help salve their wounds. But I stress – short run.

Dare I say, “Sell in May and go away?” But make that the xxxx xx xxxx. The Treasury paydowns should continue lubricating the market well xxxx xxxx xxxx.

The problem after that is that the Primary Dealers and the biggest banks who own them have enormous hidden losses that aren’t showing up yet on bank earnings statements or balance sheets. As market conditions tighten in the second half of this year and margin calls beget losses, which beget more margin calls, those hidden losses will start to show up. Banks will be forced to liquidate some of their assets and will be forced to report some of those losses.

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