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Gold’s Last Chance Before Summer Vacation – LINK CORRECTED

My apologies! I sent this out earlier this week with a link to the previous weekly report. Now corrected. 

Happy Easter and Happy Passover!

A 13 week cycle upturn is ideally due xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx (subscriber version) couple of weeks. It’s the best shot at a rally to test that March high before the 9-12 month cycle goes into its usual second half hiatus. The 10-12 month cycle projection of xxxx may still be reached (non-subscribers, click here for instant access).

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A weekly close below xxxx (non-subscribers, click here for instant access) would invalidate the implications of the breakout.

A long term cycle high is due in xxxx.

Swing Trade Screen Picks -Over the week ended April 11, 39 charts of the 52 mining stocks that I track had at least one buy signal. 36 had at least one sell signal. I’d liken that to a close game of ping pong. It remains typical of a consolidation phase.

The signals anticipate swings of 3-5 weeks. But when a market or sector is rangebound, there are lots of whipsaw signals. This is why it’s necessary to look at the charts for the overall pattern.

I rescreened the stocks that had at least one buy signal over the prior 5 day period, for repeat buy signals on Friday and Monday. There were 17. There were 8 repeat sell signals.

Looking at the charts of the 17 repeat buy signals, I was underwhelmed. Too many charts looked like intermediate term tops. At best it looks like more ping pong ahead. But just in case that’s wrong and a breakout is coming, I picked two to add to the list this week to keep a few toes in the water. They were xxxxxx xxxxxxx XXX and XXX.

That will leave 3 picks on the list this week. One pick hit its trailing stop last week. Including that and the one new pick, the average gain was 3.9% on an average holding period of 11 calendar days. 8 picks were closed out in March. The average gain was 10.8% on an average holding period of 27 days.

Since November, after tweaking the screening methodology to use multiple days in making selections, 23 picks have been made and closed out. The average theoretical gain was 7.3% on an average holding period of 31 calendar days. Averages assume 100% cash, no margin, no options. The use of margin or options will magnify both gains and losses.

Table and charts below (non-subscribers, click here for instant access).

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The strategy and tactics suggestions in this report are for informational and entertainment purposes, and illustrative of one approach. Nothing in this report is meant as personalized investment advice and you should not construe it as such. No representation is made that it is the best approach, will be profitable, or suitable for you. Past performance does not imply future results. 

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