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The Spike Is Here, So Here’s What to Expect

We got the V bottom and spike rally that I was worried about last week. This rally has started a lot like the last two spikes, gaining 275 points in 4 days. The March rally kept going another 150 points. The May rally was exhausted at that point. I’m leaning toward this one xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxx x  x x. I would not xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx clear signs that xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

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As far as whether it’s too late to scalp the upside, I’ll let you know when I run the screens and have looked at the individual charts. Might be a few laggards to ride.

Cycles- This does not look like a new 13 week cycle up phase. The cycle high is ideally due on xxxxxxxxxx. The upside projection of xxxxxxxx was xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. .Non subscribers click here to access.

There’s no sign that the 6 month cycle has turned up yet, and its cycle projection has dropped to xxxxxxxxx. Therefore we should still look for a xxxxxxxxxxxxx once this short term up phase xxxxxxxxxxxxx. I would not xxxxxx this rally, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx possible scalp on a stock by stock basis. That depends on the screens digging up any that still have the potential for a pop, or more pop. .Non subscribers click here to access.

Third Rail Channels – This is headed for the trendline convergence at xxxxxx, where it “should” pivot. If not, then xxxxxx. And if that didn’t hold, then the next target would be around xxxxxxxxxx.

The last spike was good for 348 points from low to exhaustion. The one before that, however, was good for 475 points, with a 1 day pullback about 2/3 of the way up.

This rally has traversed 276 points so far. Based on the last two rallies, and the similar speed of this one, it suggests that this one xxxxxxxxxxxxo, and maybe xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. .Non subscribers click here to access.

Long Term Weekly Chart – It’s not yet clear whether longer cycles have turned. The market still needs to end a week above the xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and above xxxxxxxxxxxxxx resistance. The latter is at xxxx. Clearing that would give the market a good chance of making it back to xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. .Non subscribers click here to access.

Monthly Chart – The market is back above a long term support trend convergence at 3720. Breaking that at the end of June would suggest that the bear market is about to get much worse. Staying above it would mean that they’ll muddle along in a range for a while longer.

Cycle Screening Measures – The aggregate rebounded sharply from a deep extreme without the usual positive divergence that normally precedes an extended rally. It’s more supportive of the idea of a dead cat on a skewer.

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