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Here’s Why There Will Never Be Bull Markets Until This One Thing Happens

I received some great questions from Ken up in Canada. I want to use them as a jumping off point for trying a different, hopefully simpler format today on a subject we all know and love.

The Fed Balance Sheet.

OK, I kid, I kid. We may know it, or not, but we sure don’t love it. And this format probably isn’t any simpler. But I’ll try.

So let’s start with the essence of simplicity. In this report, I will attempt to explain why:

There will never be a long running bull market in stocks or bonds until xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx. And I don’t just mean xxxxx xxxxx . xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxx x xxxx.

Here’s why, including a Q&A with Chat GPT, the Sergeant Schultz of Fin Tech.

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