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Swing Trade Chart Picks – Growing Long Side Gains

Swing trade stock screens produced 102 charts with multiple buy signals as of the last two trading days of the past week. There were 116 charts with a second sell signal.  That’s a virtual tie. Lot’s of signals on both sides, but a preponderance were in the context of rangebound noise, and therefore meaningless. Non-subscribers click here for access.

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Last week wasn’t bad performance wise. Including two stopouts and 16 picks still open, the average gain was 5.6% on an average holding period of 19 calendar days, or less than 3 weeks. Non-subscribers click here for access.

The list had only one active short. The rest were buys. Non-subscribers click here for access.

There were too many signals this week to visually review all of the charts. I only added 2 picks on the buy side, and 3 shorts. If I had gone through all of the charts, there probably would have been a few more of each, but the list is big enough, so I stopped. Non-subscribers click here for access.

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