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Swing Trade Screen Picks – Surprise Shorts

List performance came back to earth last week after 3 months of strong gains. Including picks still open at the end of the week, plus those stopped out during the week, the average gain last week was 1.8% on an average holding period of 15 calendar days. This is down from an average gain of 7.8% on an average holding period of 21 calendar days in the previous week. Non-subscribers click here for access.

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For all picks closed out in April the average gain was 15.2% on an average holding period of 34 calendar days. Of those 7 were buys and 4 were shorts. 9 of the 11 picks close out were profitable. Non-subscribers click here for access.

Past performance does not suggest future results. Non-subscribers click here for access.

The latest screens ferreted out 71 stocks that met buy side criteria on Friday before the trigger test, up from 45 the week before. There were 59 sells versus 26 the week before. Non-subscribers click here for access.

Next, I counted the signals that were triggered on Friday alone. That’s as opposed to the total number. The total includes those which triggered previously and continued to meet all other criteria to remain on that signal. Non-subscribers click here for access.

After applying the trigger filters, none of the 71 buys hit their triggers on Friday, while 8 of the sells did. As a result, I’m adding no buys and 4 shorts to the list this week. Including these new picks, that will leave 4 buys and 4 shorts on the list to start this week. Non-subscribers click here for access.

See the table and charts in the report for specifics. Non-subscribers click here for access.

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The strategy and tactics opinions expressed in this report illustrate one particular approach to trading. No representation is made that it is the best approach, or even suitable for any particular investor. This is a developmental and experimental exercise, for the purpose of providing experienced chart traders with ideas and concepts to use or not use as they see fit.

Nothing in this report is meant as individual investment advice and you should not construe it as such. These picks are illustrative and theoretical.

This public report is not the full report.  Only subscribers have access to the full report and regular tracking of the theoretical picks and closeouts made in the reports.  Non-subscribers click here for access.

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