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US Economy Just Went Over a Cliff

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Wall Street wiseguys and the mouthpieces of the Mob @CNBC and @WSJ don’t know it yet, but the US economy went over a cliff in the last two weeks. They don’t know because they’re not tracking the real time Federal tax collection data like we are. And that data shows us that’s what happened.

Here’s the data, what it means for the market and for us, and some suggestions on how we might view it and use it to possibly profit in the short run, and protect ourselves in the longer term. There are an unusual number of variables, unknowns, and yet to be knowns in this outlook, but we have a general idea of a couple of likely scenarios on how the next few months might unfold. If you want to avoid the catastrophe that lies ahead, it behooves you to be familiar with those scenarios, and to track the variables as they become known.

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Subscribers, click here to download the report.

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