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We’re There, And Here’s Where That Is

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A 10-12 month cycle high is now ideally due within xxxxxxxx (in subscriber report), with a final projection of 4440 and a 13 week cycle high is ideally due on xxxxx, this week.

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We’re there, but would I bet on it? No. Short term cycles are bullish, and both the 6 month and 13 week cycles seem to be trending. So I would like to see evidence that the trend is broken.

I don’t mind being a little late at the top. Betting on the short side has been a tough way to make money.

On the third rail chart the market continues rising within multiple channels. Short term channel support rises from 4400 to 4435 this week. Additional multiple support lines rising from around xxxx and xxxx should contain any pullback. Major trend support is around xxxx (subscriber report). Only if all of those are broken could is a significant reversal possible.

On the weekly chart long term cycle momentum broke out last week, ending a negative divergence. This suggests that the market could go higher for longer, which means perhaps xxxx months, or xxxxx. Cycle oscillators are also very strong. This isn’t set up for a top.

Trend support is now at xxxxx. Resistance and a possible near term target is at xxxx.

Long term cycle projections point to xxxx-xxxx with highs due between xxxx and xxxx.

On the monthly chart, the S&P 500 would need to end August below 4200 to signal a potential reversal of the uptrend. If the SPX clears long term trend resistance around 4500, the target would rise to xxxx.

The long term cycle momentum indicator remains bullish.

Cycle screening measures remain bullish.

The chart picks report will be posted on Monday morning.

Technical Trader subscribers click here to download the complete report.

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