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QE Still = 100% of Treasury Issuance, But Coming Change = Crash

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The Treasury is rapidly exhausting its cash as it continues to pay down T-bills. At this rate, it will run out of cash xxx xxxx xxxx xxxx (in subscriber report). Congress will then be forced to raise the debt ceiling.

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The Treasury will need to issue immense amounts of new debt to repay the internal accounts it raided, and to rebuild its cash account to the TBAC recommended level of $400 billion.

For the past month, and until the debt ceiling is lifted, Fed QE has been covering and will cover 100% of new Treasury issuance. That’s a short term bullish factor for bonds and stocks as it keeps pumping cash into the dealer and other institutional accounts that had been the holders of the T-bills being redeemed.

In fact, it’s surprising that the stock rally has been so muted, and that the bond rally has stopped in its tracks over the past 6 weeks. That’s because corporations have been rushing to issue new equity and new debt to take advantage of the high prices they can get. This is free money to them.

Once the Treasury begins to issue new debt, it will be on top of this gigantic wave of corporate supply. It won’t be pretty.

It also won’t be immediate. I estimate that by the time the debt ceiling is lifted and the Treasury supply tsunami starts, the Fed’s RRP slush fund will reach xxxx (subscribers only). That’s how much new Treasury debt can be issued before the crisis becomes apparent.

We have some time. And we have the meters of the Fed’s RRP slush fund account, and the schedule of new Treasury issuance, as well as the QE schedule. If the Fed chooses to reduce that schedule, that’s their problem, and the market’s.

But it won’t be ours. Because we’ll be actively watching, with situational awareness. We’ll be prepared to take advantage with enough advance notice to act accordingly. Here’s our current situational awareness update.

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