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Useless Banking Indicators Except for One Giant Red Flag

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I started to wonder how the banking indicators were looking lately. I’ve looked at the charts this morning. In updating this for you, I’ve again attempted to minimize the verbiage here. The charts are bad enough.

When it comes to banking indicators it’s best not to suffer paralysis by analysis. We’re seeing the same crazy insane, stuff, month after month year after year. As long as the Fed backstops this, who knows how long it can go on. Most of this data only reconfirms how historically extreme these conditions are. It tells us nothing about the timing of the next “adjustment.”

Besides, the markets will crack first and take the banking system down when they do, not the other way around.

So consider this report an interesting diversion. I post it because I did the work, so I may as well publish it (Sarcasm).

But I did come across one chart that appears to have timing implications.

Bank deposits.

The correlation with stock prices is stunning. But it gets even more interesting when expressed as a ratio of the S&P to deposits. That’s telling us that right now is a good time to at least get ready to dump stocks, if not do it now. This chart and the rest, all in the subscriber version of the report.

Subscribers, click here to download the complete report.

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