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The Fed is Tightening Into a Sheet Storm

Ending QE has created the perfect storm in the markets. Our warnings about the bond market going to hell and leading the stock market have been coming to fruition.

The Law of Supply and Demand is still the law of market land. The US Treasury is still issuing supply, but the Fed is no longer providing demand nor stimulating it. The Fed has gone from the biggest buyer in the marketplace to being absent by design, thanks to the raging consumer price inflation that the Fed itself created.

Now the Fed is likely to announce that not only will it not be the biggest buyer in the market, it will force the US Treasury to issue even more supply. By demanding that the Treasury repay a portion of the money that the Fed lent it via the Fed’s purchases of Treasury securities, it will force the Treasury to sell more debt to the public to raise the cash to repay the Fed. That cash will then be extinguished. It will leave the banking system and be gone. Poof. Just like that. That will further weaken demand.

But the Treasury will keep needing more cash. It will have to come from somewhere, and that somewhere will be the liquidation of other Treasury securities, stocks, and other assets of all kinds. Commercial real estate is being decimated. You think home prices are safe? Think again. What about commodities? Not yet, but that’s coming. Once the downward spiral starts, nothing will be immune.

Here’s how it will play out, along with what you can do about it to protect yourself and even profit.

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