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Signs of an Intermediate Bottom in Gold Falter

Apologies for the late posting. This report was written on November 1, pre market. It fell through the cracks in the between two other posts. Not that you missed anything!

Gold made a double bottom that looked consistent with the expected 13 week cycle low due in this time window, but over a week later it has failed to show any sign of thrust. A daily close above xxxx is needed to get anything going on the upside. Otherwise gold will remain at risk of a breakdown into the xxxxs.

The gold mining stocks’ swing trade chart pick screens produced 26 charts with second or third buy signals on Thursday and Friday, versus zero sells. That means that 52% of the screened stocks produced buy signals versus none on the sell side. So I reviewed the 26 charts, expecting to finally find a few to list as buys for Monday morning.

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