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Surge in Withholding Tax Collections in October Indicates Faster Jobs Growth

Federal withholding tax collections rose in October, breaking a string of 3 previous consecutive monthly declines. Guessing the BLS nonfarm payrolls manipulated number is always a crapshoot, but if it resembles reality at all, it will be an upside surprise. According to Dow Jones Marketwatch, the median economic guesstimate is +205,000, a drop from September’s 263,000. But the tax collections are way up from September. In reality, more jobs were added in October than September.

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If the BLS data accurately shows that, and again, that’s a coin flip, then the markets are in for an ugly surprise, as the Fed would have no excuse to pivot, pause, stepdown, or do whatever buzzword that Wall Street wants to sell you today. Non-subscribers, click here for access.

Judging from the Pope Load Jaysus’s incantations under way at this moment, the Fedican doesn’t know what it wants to sell you. The encyclical said one thing, and Jaysus is now speaking in tongues about it. It’s all word salad, and meaningless. Because it’s the money that moves market trends, not the talk.

On the other hand, if the BLS number does not reflect this month’s reality and comes in weak, as expected, then the ensuing economic data will continue to come in stronger than expected and the market will face its Come to Jaysus moment in the days ahead.

On the bullish side, strong tax collections mean … Non-subscribers, click here for access.

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